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Toia mai Maori dans

Lesgever: Toroa Aperahama: Maori elder on a tour of Europe speaking of his ancient culture...

Een Maori dans: een soort welkomst-haka gegeven door de Maori: Toroa Aperahama
Toroa leert je de bewegingen en de woorden die erbij horen, hieronder alvast de woorden!

Toia mai is a "haka" of welcome

It is the home tribe calling and the visiting tribe responding.
A mihi and blessings to the crowd will be done before we start proceedings.
It represents the pulling of the visitor's Waka (canoe) on to shore and safety and only then can the visiting tribe step onto foreign soil and safety.

LEADER: Ā, tōia mai,
CHORUS: Te waka!
LEADER: Ki te urunga,
CHORUS: Te waka!
LEADER: Ki te moenga,
CHORUS: Te waka!

ALL: Ki te takoto runga i Takoto ai,
Te waka! Hi!

Ah, drag it here
The canoe!
To the entry
The canoe!
To the berth
The canoe!

Up to the resting place,
Set it down.
The canoe! Hi !!!